Previous Work

Antique Wingback Chair

The client requested a recover of their chair, as well as a seat repair and rebuild. We also added a little extra detail with the antique nails around the bottom corners of the legs, giving that real unique and bespoke feel.



Recently completed, full re-upholster of an antique armchair in Romo ... fabric


Buttoned Back Armchair

This family heirloom was repaired and recovered for a customer. 

A particular feature for the customer was the deep buttoned back.


Modern Dining Set

These dining chairs were re-upholstered in a Lindwood fabric.

New foam was also added.

Double Piping was used to give a more modern touch to the chairs.


Captains Armchair

This captains armchair was recovered for a customer.


Piano Stool

This piano stool was re-upholstered using new foam and a soft tartin wool fabric.


It was also finished off using individual antique decorative nails.



Occasional Balloon Back Chair

This chair was re-upholstered using new foam and a soft tartan wool.

The chair was also finished off with individual antique decorative nails.


Tartan Occasional Chair

This upholstered back occassional chair was re-upholstered using new webbing and foam.



A soft tartan wool fabric was used and double piping finishes off the edges nicely. 


Mid Century Armchair

Re-upholstered mid century armchair.

This armchair has been fully stripped back and reupholstered.

The woodwork has also been sanded back and re-waxed.


Striped Armchair

This is a funky striped armchair, which has been fully reupholstered using modern upholstery methods and given a new lease of life. This chair has an extremely comfortable seat, which has been built up with various layers of foam. The fabric is soft yet durable, and the chair would create a perfect bespoke piece in any home.



Height- 36 inches
Width- 29 inches
Seat Height- 14 inches
Depth- 20 inches


Parker Knoll Tartan Wing Back

This wing back chair has been in a customers family for many years. 


It was given a new lease of life in a Tartan Linwood fabric.



Occasional Loose Cushion Chair

This occasional chair had all new cushion fillings.


We loved the contrasting blue piping with the stone fabric, alongside the blue buttons


Vintage Sofa

This retro sofa has has been fully reupholstered and restored.

The wooden frame was sanded down back to the bare wood and clear varnished, giving a much more modern feel to the sofa.

A new seat platform was also fitted with extra support, finished off with a new foam cushion.

The back of the sofa was given a new lining fabric over the springs as well as new felt for extra comfort.

The back was then covered in a loose cover, which is fitted with a zip so that it can be removed and washed.



Bespoke Radwinter Sofa

This is our Radwinter style bespoke sofa from our Signature range.


All of our Signature range sofas are custom built by hand from the frame upwards to meet your exact measurements to fit your room.


The frames are made from 100% a solid beech wood, making them as solid as possible.


This client selected a luxury velvet fabric from the Sanderson Brianza range, complemented by wonderfully soft and supportive foam and fibre wrap cushions.


Prices for this bespoke Radwinter sofa start from £1,950 including free delivery.


Velvet Wing Back Chair

This wing back chair has been fully re-upholstered in the customer's choice of velvet fabric.


The chair required some repairs, but after some TLC it is now ready for its new home!



Modern Chaise Longue

This client selected the chaise from our stock of used furniture ready to be restored.


Then the customer chose from one of our Linwood fabrics, allowing us to create a bespoke piece of furniture for their home. It also made a perfect birthday present for his wife.


The chaise was stripped back to its frame and all the foam was replaced making this chaise as good as new.



Motorhome Seat Cushions

This campervan has been given a new lease of life inside, with new blue buttoned cushions.



Deep Buttoned Three Piece Suite

As the furniture was going into the clients new extension, they wanted to give the woodwork a spruce up, so we have painted it in a cream chalk paint. This has brightened up the furniture, and we feel shows off the hand carved frame perfectly.


This deep buttoned suite has been fully re-upholstered using our Linwood Pronto fabric.


The cushions have also had all new foam fillings.


The suite has been finished off with double piping, as opposed to the decorative nails which were used before, again giving a much cleaner and modern feel to the furniture.


Bespoke Large Footstool

The solid beech frame was made to the customer's exact measurements, suiting their wide sofa. The footstool measures 48" wide.


A Sanderson Tartan fabric was chosen with Sanderson velvet for the piping, matching the customer's sofas. This has helped to bring together the design.


All of our footstools are hand made to the exact measurements desired and they can make a great feature piece of furniture in a room. If you are interested in having a bespoke footstool made to your chosen shape or size, please get in contact with me at or 07393 627400


Large Velvet Sofa

This sofa was recovered here at Furniture By Jed.


A luxury velvet was chosen to replace the leather on the sofa, creating a softer and modern feel.


We think it looks great in the clients home.


Antique Button Back Chair

This button backed, antique chair, was recently re-upholstered here at Furniture By Jed.


We glued up most of the joints on this chair as when it came to us it was in a sorry state.


The old yellow velvet was replaced with a light blue velvet from our Linwood Omega range.


The woodwork was also cleaned and waxed to bring it back to life.


Double piping was used to finish off the chair.


Howard Style Sofa

This is a Howard style sofa that we recovered for a customer.


We love the transformation from an old, tired sofa to a new statement piece of furniture.


Chaise Longue

Antique Chaise


A recent job completed and delivered to a local client.


This chaise has undergone extensive work to convert it from a tired family heirloom of to a brand new statement piece of furniture!


We stripped the chaise down to its bare frame and replaced all webbing, springs and padding ensuring it will last for years to come.


It was then covered in a combination of our Linwood fabrics from our range of fabric books.


Wing Back Armchairs

Wingback Armchairs With Matching Scatter Cushions


These wingback chairs were brought to us by our client in a dated and tired state, but look at the transformation!


They have both been upholstered in a combination of three different Romo fabrics, including the zig zag pattern featured on one of our previous chaises.


We have created a fully deep buttoned back on each wingback to provide a modern look as requested by our client.


We have also created 8 scatter cushions from scratch to compliment the wingback chairs in the room.


Ercol Sofa and Matching Armchair

This Ercol sofa and matching armchair has been delivered back to our client earlier this week.


It has had all new cushion covers sewn, with new foam seat cushions.


This was a perfect way to modernise the client’s room.



We have just reupholstered the second, of a pair or sofas for a customer.


The leather was replaced with a luxurious fabric, giving the sofa a new lease of life.


Club Armchairs

This pair of club armchairs have just been through Furniture By Jed for full re-upholstery.


The chairs were stripped down to the bare frame, completely re-webbed, lined and padded.


The fabric chosen by the customer was a Linwood fabric, inspired by their personal collection of vintage enamel signs.


Individual decorative nails were used all around the front arms, finishing off the chairs. They also tie in nicely with the contrasting grey seat cushions, which have been treated to new foam with feather wrap cushion fillings, making these chairs extremely comfortable to sit on for years to come.


The legs were also stained and waxed, completing the chairs new look.


Grange Armchair

This grange armchair has just been recovered at Furniture By Jed.


The yellow velvet fabric was supplied by us, from our Linwood Omega collection.


A new feather seat cushion was used on this chair, making it comfortable for years to come.


We love the yellow and black on this chair.


Pair of Parker Knoll Wingbacks

This pair of Parker Knoll armchairs and footstool have been re-upholstered here at Furniture by Jed.


The blue chenille fabric was supplied by us from our Martins fabric collection.


The springs on the back of the chair were tightened and new padding was added.


The arms also had new padding and webbing.


The legs were waxed, cleaning them up nicely.


The footstool was also re-upholstered in a Romo fabric, we used all new foam, making it a very comfortable stool. It was finished with double piping.


French Style Amchair

This French style armchair has just passed through us at Furniture By Jed.


The chair needed a repair to the leg, where it had previously snapped off. Once this was repaired, we re-webbed the chair and re-covered it in our Linwood Pronto fabric.


The chair has been finished off in double piping and we love the transformation the fabric has made.


Antique Curved Button Back Chair

This button back armchair has had a new seat fitted, comprised of new webbing, springs and padding as the old one was very tired and worn.

The chair was then covered in one of our Linwood Omega velvet fabrics


Pair of Deep Buttoned Tub Chairs

This pair of button backed occasional chairs have just been re-upholstered. They required new seats, as the old padding had started to fall between the springs. We rebuilt the seats using all new materials.

We then re-covered the chairs in a Sanderson tartan, with contrasting Sanderson velvet, to match the footstool that we previously made for the customer.


Crushed Velvet Dining Chairs

This set of 6 dining chairs have just been recovered in one of our Linwood, Italian velvets and finished off with double piping.


Parker Knoll Armchair

This vintage Parker Knoll armchair has a rare shape to it with a deep and luxurious seat.

It has been fully reupholstered in a navy blue and white geometric fabric, has a new soft foam cushion filling and the buttoned back is an extra special feature.


Antique Chaise Longue

This chaise has been traditionally reupholstered from the frame up. It includes all new fillings, starting with black fibre, mixed hair and finished with a layer of felt. This allows for an extra soft and comfortable seat.

The hand carved wooden frame has been professionally French polished and this is complimented by the double piping throughout.


Deep Buttoned Footstool

Stunning footstool

Navy blue velvet

This hand made, solid beech frame foostool is of the highest quality.

It has been covered in a high quality Linwood Omega Velvet.

The legs are oak with brushed cooper castors.

This is a great statement peice of furniture.


Bespoke Handmade Oval Crushed Velvet Footstool Ottoman

Oval Footstool

We have created this oval footstool, which is a great alternative to a standard rectangle stool for your living room. We have covered it in a sumptuous gold crushed velvet, providing an element of luxury.

If you are interested in this footstool, but in another fabric, we can make these in any fabric of your choice, why not come and take a look at our selection of fabrics!



Cinema Seats

This set of 4 retro cinema seats have just been upholstered here at Furniture By Jed.


They have been covered in Linwood Omega velvets, which have been supplied by us.


The wooden frame work was painted by the customer in grey, which has helped to really modernise the seats, along with the contrasting blue and grey fabric colours chosen.


Chiropractor Stool

This chiropractor stool has just been re-covered at here at Furniture By Jed this week.


We supplied the new faux-leather material in colour ‘deep sea’.


The cover has been top-stitched for added durability.

It’s not just household furniture that we work on!


Antique French Armchair

This French armchair has just been recovered in a mixture of Christian Lacroix and Jab fabrics.

This is now a great bespoke, feature piece of furniture, ready for the customers house.


Velvet Piano Stool

This simple recover of a piano stool has been recently completed at Furniture By Jed.

The Linwood Omega velvet was supplied by us from our wide range of fabric books


Antique Occasional Chairs

We stripped this nursing chair back to the bare frame, added new webbing and tied in the springs. We then added new padding to the seat and topped it off with felt.

We then finished the chair in the new fabric supplied by the customer, finished perfectly with double piping.

This armchair has had new webbing on the seat and back, with new felt added too.



Sofa Bed and Pair of Armchairs

This sofa bed and pair of armchairs have just been re-upholstered and completely transformed here at Furniture By Jed .


The Linwood Westray fabric was supplied by us, and we also supplied new foam for all of the cushions.


We removed the old skirt border from the sofa and replaced it with a fixed border, making the sofa look much more modern.


In order to make the armchairs suit the customers needs, we custom made thicker cushions so that it is easier for them to get in and out the chair.


The furniture now looks great in their home and really brightens up the room.


Tartan Occasional Painted Chair

This occasional chair has just been recovered here at Furniture By Jed.

Our customer painted the chair prior to us starting the upholstery and they also supplied the tartan fabric.

Now upholstered and finished off with double piping, we think it looks great!


Bar Stools

These dining stools have just been upholstered here at Furniture By Jed.


The old vinyl was removed and replaced with an Abraham & Moons wool herringbone fabric.


The customer opted for a wrap around style with pleats and piping on the back, which has made the chairs look much better!


New webbing and foam was used on the back.


Antique Dining Chairs

This set of 4 dining chairs have just been upholstered here at Furniture By Jed.


We supplied the Linwood Fable weave fabric.


The seat pads had new felt added to the existing padding and were then re-covered.


The woodwork was cleaned, stained and waxed, bringing it back to life.


Sofa and Pair of Armchairs

This chesterfield style sofa and 2 matching armchairs have just been upholstered here at Furniture By Jed.


The old tartan fabric was replaced with Moons wool herringbone fabric.


Faux leather piping was also used, which we think looks great!


We also supplied a footstool and 6 large scatter cushions.


Retro Swivel Armchair

This retro swivel armchair has just been fully re-upholstered here at Furniture By Jed.


The old fabric and foam were removed and replaced with new foam and a customer supplied fabric.


The chrome base was also cleaned and polished.


We love the transformation of this chair, and think it is now a great statement piece of furniture.


Antique Chesterfield Style Sofa

This antique chesterfield style sofa has just been fully re-upholstered and restored here at Furniture By Jed.


The fabric is a Linwood Lana wool, which was supplied by us.


The sofa was stripped back to the frame, re-webbed, new springs added and new padding.


The woodwork was also stained and waxed, which suits the new look of the sofa.


VW Camper Re-Trim

This VW Campervan has had a full re-trim, including new front seat covers and padding, new doorcards, new rear cushions and wall linings.


Both the fabric and faux leather were supplied by us here at Furniture By Jed.


The bright colours have really helped to create an airy and spacious feel as opposed to the dark colours before.


Traditional Dining Chairs

This set of 5 dining chairs have just been fully re-upholstered here at Furniture By Jed.


The chairs were stripped back down to the bare frame before being completely restored.


They have been upholstered in our Linwood Pronto fabric with 19mm decorative nails to finish.


Modern Wingback Armchair

This has to be one of our favourite transformations so far.


It has just been fully re-upholstered in one of our Linwood fabrics.


The wingback chair was stripped back to the frame and has been treated to all new foam, as well as a new foam seat cushion.


If you have an old chair that you think may be past it’s best, why not get in touch and have it looking as good as this one!


Art Deco Sofa

This statement art deco sofa has just been fully re-upholstered by us.


The sofa was stripped back down to the frame, joints glued up and fully rebuilt using all new materials.


The Linwood fabric was supplied by us and has transformed this sofa into a piece of art, as well as very comfortable piece of furniture!


The bun feet were also added by us, although we sanded them down, darked them with stain and aged the wood to match the style of the sofa and the house it is now in.